We were thinking of ways we can give back and get out there and get invested in the city of Dallas and in the youth and the kids


The Seth Curry Foundation was created with the intentions to positively impact the quality of life to disadvantaged children and ensure that every child is prepared to succeed in life.

About the Foundation

The offseason was anything but a break for Dallas Mavericks guard Seth Curry in regards to his community efforts. Throughout the summer Curry kept busy, not only in the Dallas community, but also throughout the west coast and internationally throughout Asia. Curry kicked-off his summer efforts through a variety of Jr. NBA activities on his tour through Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Seoul, alongside his brother, Stephen Curry. The stops included the inaugural Jr. NBA National Finals, as well as multiple basketball clinics. Global Jr. NBA kids had the chance to learn from the brothers on topics about life and basketball.

“I was looking for different things to do in the community, Me and [the Seth Curry Foundation], we were thinking of ways we can give back and get out there and get invested in the city of Dallas and in the youth and the kids. I’ve been running a [basketball] camp for a couple of years now, and I just felt like we could grow a little bit and do some different things. I had the opportunity with the Mavs and with EVERFI to do this program and it just made sense for all of us.”

Seth’s off-season commitment to the community is just the start to Seth’s impact on kids and families in Dallas. He grew up understanding the importance of giving back after watching the example of his father who also hosted basketball camps for kids while playing in the NBA and he looks forward to making a lasting impact for many years to come.